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Fill out a submission form to get started. A Shop2Give representative will reach out to you and set up a custom store for your organization to sell retail products, merchandise, auction items, and accept cash donations.

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We provide you with all the materials you'll need to raise awareness and get people to your page. With your eCommerce store, you can easily reach friends and family across the country.

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As outlined under each product, percentage of every sale gets donated to your organization. Let Shop2Give do the work with the power of eCommerce.

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How Do I Raise Funds Faster and Easier?

Shop2Give is the answer for organizations and individuals

Whether you are a school, club, sports team, charity, church group, or individual looking to fund a good cause, Shop2Give is the perfect platform to raise cash, fast!

The days of bugging your neighbors with candy bars and coupon books are in the past. Now, you’re no longer limited to just your neighborhood! Raise funds from the people across the country that care about you most by creating your own eCommerce page!

We partner with premier vendors, so you can sell products people actually care about. You can also upload your own line of team apparel and merchandise or partner with us to create new custom products with your organization’s logo.

Can’t run an event due to COVID-19? Not a problem, our site allows you to auction off specialty items such as signed gear, vacations, and other donated items!

It’s hard to imagine with all these options that someone can’t find a way to support your team, but in case they can’t, you can accept cash donations directly through your page as well!

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